About the Artist

Michelle Hambourg is a jewellery designer, an entrepreneur and above all, an artist.

She has been dabbling in the arts for many years, ever since the day she painted a mural on her bedroom wall with the contents of her diaper! As the story goes, her parents were less than thrilled with this installation piece but look back on it now as the first sign of Michelle’s unyielding creativity and artistic passion.

As she grew out of her diapers, Michelle continued to follow her imaginative intuitions and had an active involvement in the arts throughout public school, high school and university. This eventually led her to achieve a BA from the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University in Toronto, where she engaged in a variety of hands-on Theatrical Design and Visual Arts courses. She believes that it is her artistic background that has given her the impetus to always strive to construct one-of-a-kind pieces, unlike any others she has seen before.

Michelle’s designs take inspiration from many sources, the most noticeable being Nature and Trees. Many of her pieces also provide a surrealistic, dreamlike quality, incorporating such elements as spiralling lines and vibrant hues.

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